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You have decided to sell your house.

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Sell ​​my house? Making the decision to sell our home is one of the most difficult times in life. Not in vain does it imply submitting to the pressure of obtaining a certain price and, above all, putting aside the emotions that the home generates to face the sale with the minimum neutrality to ensure the success of the operation.

What are you most afraid of when selling your house? If you feel insecure, overwhelmed, pressured, it is common. When facing a home sale alone, without the advice and counsel of a professional real estate agent, stress and frustration are common feelings for the seller.

If the buyer perceives them, he will have an ace up his sleeve that he can use to negotiate the sale of the house in his favor.

Fears of independent home sellers

The house has loads.

Before making the decision to buy a home, make sure there are no charges. To do this, go to the Land Registry and request a simple note. In it they will show you if the information provided by the owner is true.

The fact that the house has loads puts unconscious pressure on the seller. If you act in good faith, you will inform the potential buyer. But it does not always happen that way.

Be careful, in this simple note not all the information appears. In the event that there are non-payments to the Community, they will not appear here but on the certificate that the Community administrator must issue.

In addition to charges of an economic nature, the home may consist of other charges that directly affect the value of the home, such as not having the ITE or Technical Building Inspection in force, or what is more serious, not having given a solution to an imposed fault. .

Disagreement between heirs of the property.

In the case of homes that are the result of an inheritance, as a buyer you must verify that the property is in the name of the seller, and in the case that there are several owners, that all agree that the sale takes place. Otherwise, the sale of the property cannot be executed.

For this, the simple note requested at the notary provides the list of legal owners of the property.

I want to sell, but my house is rented.

If after some time maintaining ownership of the property, obtaining a return on renting it, and the contract with the last tenant being in force, it is desired to sell the apartment, the owner must inform the buyer of the current situation, since it will be the new owner who must take on the corresponding procedures to vacate the house.

I bought the house in the boom and now I have to sell at a lower price.

One of the factors that has most affected the shortage of properties for sale in recent years in the Spanish market is the price that many properties were paid when the trend was upward. Many homeowners want to sell their home that they bought then, but they do not want to give up on obtaining at least the purchase price so as not to lose excessively in the operation. At this point, if a home mortgage is also added, the complexity of the operation can put many buyers back.

I have to show the house to strangers.

Many sellers show serious qualms when it comes to showing their home to potential buyers. Up to a certain limit it is understandable, since it opens the door to family intimacy to strangers. Therefore, being respectful of the environment, the most intimate parts of the property, helps the seller feel more comfortable and show greater confidence.

What if I can't sell?

We have put this fear at the bottom, because it sums up the greatest fear of any seller owner. Even when you are convinced of the potential of the home, there is always that fear that any offer may be the last, something that generates a lot of insecurity and extra pressure.

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