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Reasons to have a real estate advisor

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Are you facing the sale or rental of your own property?

Either option is a complicated task that requires a lot of your time and effort, and especially if you have decided to do it on your own.

But before you start, have you asked yourself: How much is your house worth objectively? Do you know all the legal questions? Do you know how to promote your home effectively? ...

A real estate advisor is a professional in the sector who can help you with all these questions. We analyze why it is worth hiring these services, which will save you more than one headache. Advice throughout the process The property registry, the current payment certificate from the community of owners, the energy efficiency certificate, the deposit contract or the management of possible subsequent claims, are just some of the legal and administrative procedures that a seller or landlord has to face. All these procedures, which involve dedication and technical knowledge, can be entrusted to a real estate advisor who will be able to advise you throughout the process and who will always defend your interests. In addition, for your safety, your advisor will be present at each visit, playing the role of negotiator and facilitating the relationship between both parties. Objective appraisal As market connoisseurs, the advisors can offer you a fair valuation of the home. It is normal that when we face the sale of our house, we value it above the market due to emotional issues, so it is important to be advised by professionals who know the market situation and have objective data. An advisor also has information about the neighborhood, schools, transport, shops and other relevant services that can influence the price. Choose a qualified agency. When hiring the services of a real estate agency, you must assess aspects such as customer orientation, constant and specific training of its employees or the commitment to new technologies. Let yourself be advised by professionals in the sector and forget about dedicating a large part of your time, learning negotiation skills and making mistakes with administrative and legal issues that can be a source of problems in the long run, if not financial loss.

Contact us.

We will be happy to help you with your new project.

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