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Tips on changing the floor in a home

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

It does not matter if you change the furniture of the place or that you bring new acquisitions. You have also tried changing the color of the walls and it doesn't work either! It's that hideous floor that makes your whole house look ugly, and the more you look at it, the more it horrifies you. What solutions does dry construction offer us? The laminates that everyone knows by now, but that have the small inconvenience of generating a lot of dust when installed, or the vinyl that is gaining more and more followers every day for being tremendously resistant, being applied over the old ones, and doing practically nothing dust when installed. Our favorites are the click ones due to their quick installation (especially those that also offer other features such as wearing an insulating layer, being able to be used in wet areas ...), but there are also adhesives. And if you are looking for a floor "for life" don't even think about it: ceramic. With the minimum thickness or "slim" tiles you can over-tile saving costs.

OAM Office Architecture Mallorca.

Source: Habitissimo

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