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Energy Quality Certificate

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

As of June 1, 2013, it is mandatory to make an energy efficiency certificate available to buyers or lessors of buildings or part of them. This certificate, valid for 10 years, assesses the energy efficiency of the property, both in terms of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, giving it a one-letter rating that will vary from A to G, for primary energy consumption. , and another letter for CO2 emissions. In addition to objective information on its energy characteristics, the certificate must include recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of the property.

The objective of the measure is to promote savings and efficiency, as well as that the consumer can assess and compare the impact of energy expenditure and CO2 emissions that they will have when buying or renting a home.

The owner of the property must contract the services of a competent technician, according to article 1.3.P of RD 235/2013, who will be the one who finally performs the qualification of the building. This energy rating must be included in any offer, promotion or advertising aimed at sale or lease.

The certificates must be registered and legalized before the General Directorate of Industry and Energy of the Autonomous Community.

Our Engineering office has qualified personnel and the technical means necessary to carry out and process these energy efficiency certificates and we have previous experience of several years working in the performance of energy audits of buildings, in addition to the experience accumulated over many years. years working with renewable energies.

The services that we offer to our clients to obtain the energy efficiency certification are:

· Visit to the property to collect data.

· Carrying out the calculation of the energy rating.

· Preparation and signing of the certificate, with a normal delivery time of 5 days from the visit.

· Processing, registration and payment of fees in the professional association and the General Directorate of Industry and Energy.

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